Graduate TF Training in the Biomedical Sciences





This course is an introduction to the skills and frameworks necessary for success as a graduate student teaching fellow (TF) or teaching assistant (TA). After completing this 6 hour introduction, students will be able to:

- describe core pedagogy concepts including backwards design, formative assessment, active learning, alignment, and inclusive teaching
- identify ways these core concepts may influence their work as graduate student TFs/TAs
- demonstrate the ability to apply these concepts to their expected teaching and course-related responsibilities
- identify classroom management and interpersonal approaches that minimize conflict and maximize student belonging and performance


Course Director:
Bradley Coleman, PhD
Director, HMS Curriculum Fellows Program


Additional Instructor
Alireza Edraki, PhD
Curriculum Fellow, Leder Human Biology Program


This course consists of three 2-hour class sessions. Sessions 1 & 2 will be held on Zoom. Session 3 will be in person in TMEC. Zoom links will be emailed to registered participants. Students must agree to attend all sessions in order to enroll.

SESSION 1 - Thursday, August 26th 3PM - 5PM [Zoom]
This session will help you set goals for your work as a TF/TA and introduce you to simple strategies that will maximize your chances for success. We will also discuss the importance of creating an equitable classroom and consider ways to do this in your own teaching. 

SESSION 2 - Tuesday, August 31st 3PM - 5PM [Zoom]
This session provides a brief introduction to well-established best practices in teaching. Concepts and techniques like active learning, backwards design, learning objectives, and alignment will all be discussed and students will apply them to their own teaching.

SESSION 3 - Thursday, September 2nd 3PM - 5PM [in person]
Session 3 will begin with a microteaching exercise to provide students practice and an opportunity to apply the concepts from sessions 1 and 2. Additional time will be spent on best practices for asking and answering student questions: a critical skill for most TAs/TFs.


This nanocourse is open to anyone serving as a TA or TF in a Fall 2021 course. It is required for students who plan to enroll in MEDSCI 312qc. If you have questions about your eligibility for either course, please contact


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