Tools & Strategies For Getting Your Manuscript Published






In order to get a manuscript published, it’s key to learn the framework of the process, build skills in writing, and find a community of peer editors who can help you catch errors and develop effective ways to articulate the importance of your research. In this Nanocourse, Dr. Marie Bao (BCMP, Harvard Medical School; former Editor-In-Chief of Developmental Cell) and Dr. Vivian Siegel (Scientific Communications, Biology, MIT; former Editor-In-Chief of Cell, Molecular Cell, & Developmental Cell; Founder of the Center of Scientific Communications, Vanderbilt University) will apply their decades of experience as editors-in-chief at high profile journals, to better explain the editorial process, advise you on developing writing strategies, and help you build resources within your community that will support you in putting together compelling manuscripts that clearly communicate your findings to their intended audience. 




Course Structure

The course will consist of four 2-hour sessions, and will include structured elements, time to write, and space to give and receive feedback:
Monday June 7th, 9-11am
Monday June 14th, 9-11am
Monday June 21st, 9-11am
Monday June 28th, 9-11am


Learning Objectives

By the end of this nanocourse, participants should be able to:

  1. Become familiar with the manuscript presubmission, submission, and evaluation process.
  2. Compare and contrast the audiences of your manuscript, cover letter, and presubmission inquiry
    1. Determine the characteristics of an effective manuscript from the perspectives of editors vs. reviewers (field experts) vs. casual readers.
  3. Recognize common pitfalls including: leaps in logic and sentence ambiguity, inaccurate portrayal of the significance of the work, unclear alignment of stated hypotheses with given experiments, etc.
  4. Apply strategies to explicitly advocate for your work 
  5. Identify peer reviewers in your community who can provide useful feedback on manuscript drafts
  6. Optimize community peer review process by communicating expectations to reviewers and applying the feedback you receive
  7. Develop mentorship skills by serving as a peer reviewer


Session Dates, Times and Locations
In order to receive credit, students must attend all sessions, participate in all activities, and complete any assignments. Zoom links for the course will be sent out to registrants before the course begins.

Monday June 7th, 9-11am
Monday June 14th, 9-11am
Monday June 21st, 9-11am
Monday June 28th, 9-11am


Enrollment Limit
The maximum number of participants for this course is 16, and the minimum number is 8. Attendance on all days is required for course credit; postdocs may register, but will not receive course credit. Please note that if the minimum enrollment is not met by June 1st, the course will be postponed.


Course Director
Davie Van Vactor, Ph.D.

Course Instructors
Marie Bao, Ph.D. (HMS)
Vivian Siegel, Ph.D. (MIT)

Curriculum Fellows
Saoirse McSharry, Ph.D. (
Mara Laslo, Ph.D. (
Jelena Patrnogic, Ph.D. (


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