Gavin Porter

Dr. Gavin Porter

Curriculum Fellow at Harvard Medical School
Lecturer in the MMSc Immunology Program

Gavin is happy to have multiple roles at Harvard Medical School -- in the development and teaching of the Immunology Masters of Medical Science Program Curriculum, and in the consumption and dissemination of pedagogical best practices, a hallmark of Harvard’s distinctive Curriculum Fellows program.

He did his bachelor’s degree in Physiology at McGill, PhD in Molecular Pharmacology at Emory, and post-doctoral fellowship in Immunology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, working on antigen presentation in dendritic cells. He also has multiple education publications on wide-ranging topics including: gamification at the university/workplace interface, use of learning management systems, and experiential learning. Current interests include open educational resources, post-publication peer review, and teacher development. He spent eight years as a Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong and was thoroughly enriched by the international experience. It included Asia-wide admission interviewing, high school outreach, pedagogy professional development, and teaching pharmacology and neuroscience-related courses in HKU’s innovative issues-based core curriculum.


Post-doctoral, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

PhD, Emory University

BSc, McGill University

Selected Publications

Porter, G. Recruitment gaming: propositions to users and implications for universities. In EdMedia+ Innovate Learning (pp. 297-302). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), June 2018.

Porter GW and Tanenbaum MA. Recruitment Gaming: A new tool at the interface of Education and Employers. Educational Technology, v55 n2, p13-19, Mar-Apr 2015.

Porter GWFree Choice of Learning Management Systems: Do student habits override inherent system quality?  Interactive Technology and SMART Education. 10(2):84-94, 2013

Porter GW, King JA, Goodkin N, and Chan C.  Experiential learning in a common core curriculum: student expectations, evaluations, and the way forward.  International Education Studies. 5(3):24-38, 2012

Porter GW, Yi WS, and Denzin LK.  TLR agonists downregulate H2-O in CD8a- Dendritic CellsJournal of Immunology. 2011, 187:4151-4160 [recommended by Faculty of 1000]

Wang B, Yu SC, Jiang JY, Porter GW, Zhao LT, Wang Z, Tan H, Cui YH, Qian C, Ping YF, and Bian XW.  An inhibitor of Arachidonate 5-Lipoxygenase, Nordy, induces differentiation and inhibits self-renewal of glioma stem-like cells. Stem Cell Reviews and Reports. 2010, 7(2):458-470

Porter GW, Khuri FR, and Fu H. Dynamic 14-3-3/client protein interactions integrate survival and apoptotic pathways. Seminars in Cancer Biology. 2006, 16(3):193-202 [cited by over 170 papers]

Contact Information

254 Jeffrey Modell Immunology Center
200 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
p: 617 432 5130