Lauren Essler

Lauren Essler

Curriculum Fellow in Microbiology

Dr. Lauren Essler is the Curriculum Fellow for the Graduate Program in Bacteriology (GPiB). She helps facilitate and teach the GPiB core courses Micro 201 and Micro 202. Lauren also works with GPiB students and faculty to organize advising workshops, professional development opportunities, and other student programming. Before joining the Curriculum Fellows Program, Lauren completed her Ph.D. in microbiology at the University of Georgia where she developed a passion for evidenced-based teaching.




Ph.D. Microbiology, University of Georgia, 2022

B.S. Biology, Wake Forest University, 2012

Prior Teaching Experience

Instructor of Record

            Microbiology and Health Care, 2020

            Introductory Microbiology Lab, 2018

Teaching Assistantships

            Introductory Microbiology Online, 2021

            Prokaryotic Biology, 2020

            Graduate Seminar for Teaching Assistants, 2018

            Environmental Microbiology, 2017

            Microbiology and Health Care Lab, 2017 and 2019

            Introductory Microbiology Lab, 2016 and 2019       

Pedagogical Training


Future Faculty Fellow, University of Georgia Center for Teaching and Learning, 2019-20


            Pedagogy of Writing in the Disciplines, 2021

            Developing your Teaching as Research Project, 2018          

Designing Courses for Significant Learning, 2017

            Graduate Seminar for Teaching Assistants, 2015

Selected Publications

Patry R*, Essler L*, Andresen S, Quinn F, Szymanski C (2022) Low-dose exposure to ganglioside-mimicking bacteria tolerizes human macrophages to Guillain-Barre Syndrome-associated antigens. mBio 13(1): e0385221.

Abreu R, Essler L, Giri P, Quinn F (2020) Interferon-gamma promotes iron export in human macrophages to limit intracellular bacterial replication. PLOS ONE 15(12): e0240949.

Abreu R, Essler L, Loy A, Quinn F, Giri P (2018) Heparin inhibits intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterial replication by reducing iron levels in human macrophages. Sci Rep 8, 7296.

Essler L and Scott F (2017) University of Georgia Department of Microbiology in-house MIBO3000 Lab Manual.

Contact Information

Gordon Hall 316