Maxim Wolf

Dr. Maxim Wolf

Curriculum Fellow in Biomedical Informatics

Max is a new CF for DBMI. In addition to co-teaching BMI713, an introduction to R programming in biomedical informatics, Max works closely with a handful of other first year courses in the program by developing and integrating ethics into the curriculum and providing various support for the teaching faculty. Outside of the teaching role, Max is developing an objective centered course evaluation that serves to ensure that the learning goals of the program are being reflected and met by student's full corse load.

Max hopes that all programs and not just DBMI devote time to bettering their curriculum so that their students can fell that they have received a quality eduction and not just a degree upon program completion.

His thesis work focused on the understanding of coding region function by analyzing evolutionary signatures in mammals.

Contact Information

Countway 3rd Floor L2