Xiuqi "Jade" Li

Xiuqi "Jade" Li

Curriculum Fellow in Research Rigor and Reproducibility

Xiuqi “Jade“ Li is the inaugural Rigor, Reproducibility, and Responsibility (R3) Curriculum Fellow. She will be developing and implementing programs to promote R3 principles within the Harvard Medical School community.

Prior to joining the Curriculum Fellows Program, Xiuqi “Jade” completed her PhD at Yale University in the laboratory of Dr. Karin Finberg where she studied iron metabolism.




Ph.D. in Experimental Biology, Yale University, 2021

B.S. in Molecular Biology, Brigham Young University, 2014

Teaching experiences

McDougal Writing Fellow, Graduate Writing Lab @ The Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning (2017-2021)

Teaching Assistant for

• Writing a Scientific Research Proposal, Yale University, Fall 2017 & Fall 2018

• Nutritional Biochemistry, Brigham Young University, Spring 2014

• The Pen and the Sword, Brigham Young University, Fall 2012 & Fall 2013

Selected Publications

Li X, Lozovatsky L, Sukumaran A, Gonzalez L, Jain A, Liu D, Ayala-Lopez N, Finberg KE. (2020). NCOA4 is regulated by HIF and mediates mobilization of murine hepatic iron stores after blood loss. Blood. 136(23):2691-2702. 

McKnight Q*, Jenkins S*, Li X, Nelson T, Marlier A, Cantley LG, Finberg KE, Fretz JA. (2020). IL-1β drives production of FGF-23 at the onset of chronic kidney disease in mice. J. Bone Miner. Res. 35(7):1352-1362. (*contributed equally to this work)

Xavier-Ferrucio J*, Scanlon V*, Li X, Zhang PX, Lozovatsky L, Ayala-Lopez N, Tebaldi T, Halene S, Cao C, Fleming MD, Finberg KE, Krause DS. (2019). Low iron promotes megakaryocytic commitment of megakaryocytic-erythroid progenitors in humans and mice. Blood. 134(18):1547–1557. (*contributed equally to this work)

Stagg DB, Whittlesey RL*, Li X*, Lozovatsky L, Gardenghi S, Rivella S, Finberg KE. (2019). Genetic loss of Tmprss6 alters terminal erythroid differentiation in a mouse model of β- thalassemia intermedia. Haematologica. 104(10):E442–E446. (*contributed equally to this work)

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