The HMS Curriculum Fellows Program Education Workshop Series provides the Harvard Medical School Community with opportunities to learn about evidence based teaching practices in an informal, hands-on setting. Workshops are designed and run by Curriculum Fellows and are held approximately once each month. A selected list of previous offerings is provided below.

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Strategies for Giving and Receiving Feedback
Johanna Gutlerner, Ph.D.
Cultivate STEM Expert Thinking With Concept Maps
Meg Mittelstadt, Ph.D.
From the Ground Up: Principles of Curriculum (and course) Design
Tari Tan, Ph.D.
A Blank Canvas: Best (and worst) Practices for Building a Course Website
Kevin Bonham, Ph.D.
Writing an Effective Statement of Teaching Philosophy
Meg Mittelstadt, Ph.D.
Getting Active Learning Right
Bradley Coleman, Ph.D.
Equity, Empaty and Engagement For All Students
Tari Tan, Ph.D. & Rachel Wright, Ph.D.